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Rantatonne : Blog full of rants
Carbon33 : My Design studio

Behance : My Behance page

Get Sum : Current work


Kiku e il Tokolosh : Grad Project comprised of 5 different forms of animation
NFtF Ascendant : Part 1 of what is now Carbon
NFtF Elucidated : Part 2 of what is now Carbon

Welcome, welcome. That’s
Silas over there and this is his portfolio.
The board next to him will contain
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Before looking at some more of my work here is a little about me,

Who? Robert Silas Amunga Nyikuli. Artist. Leo (I write this because it is known if all the horoscopes were put in a ring the leo would win)

What? Undergraduate degree in Graphic design from West Liberty University and postgrad in Concepts of animation from the European institute of Design (IED) Turin campus. Founder and member of Carbon33 studios.

Where? Born in France, moved to Kenya, then the United States, Italy and am now back in Nairobi Kenya, for now.

When? Right here. Right now. Need something, contact me and we can iron out the details. I am currently freelancing.

How? I am proficient in the Adobe design Programs, Corel, A few 3D modelers as well as fine arts of drawing, charcoal, sculpture and painting. Currently enjoying the workflow of sketches on paper - photoshop sketches - illustrator outlines / 3d modeled elements - photoshop colors.

I feel that art is such a nescescity to the human condition from the simple fact that it exists just to exist. It's purpose and importance is in its lack there of a purpose. If that was not confusing enough here are a few quotes that I like "The only monotony I do not despise is that of change.""Unlike everyone else, I am not unique.""Change is constant. With exception of the previous sentence."

Want to contact Silas for
work, suggestions, stalking or other
things? Use this. Your contact does
not gurantee a response, so feel
special if you get one.
He has posted a few links
that some may find useful.

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